Ladakh Landscapes: Desert & Ice

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Stepping off the plane, was like being injected into a David Lynch film. A surreal panorama of frost-tipped peaks and an arid Ladkhi mountain range unrolled before me. A strange heaven.

If there was one place on earth I was born to see,... Ladakh was it!

Until then, no place had taken my breath away quite like this.

The air was crisp, cold, distinct,... different from other parts of India. The musk of old desert sand and ice.

To see any vegetation at all is like putting vibrant color to canvas. It's the panorama vistas, the intense canopy shadows that clouds cast over mountain ranges as if to say they can be equally bold and honorific. The vistas gleam with extremes of sand and snow. Lime green trees stand on tiptoe, like pencils against a cerulean blue backdrop.

It was one word.


Did this place really exist?


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