The Human Plows of Chandni Chowk

See below for the photo slideshow

Chandni Chowk, India October 2008

Dilapidated havelis, winding souk-like streets congested with workers, rickshaws and merchant shops which sell anything imaginable from saris to electrical appliances-- Chandi Chowk is the bustling heart of a 16th century Delhi.

The "chowk", reknown as one of the oldest and busiest markets of Delhi, still survives on legacy
practices, such as what I term as the "Human Plow".

Cows are considered sacred in India. As such, you'll generally see them lazing about as men do the mule work, strapped to the yoke transporting mountainous cargo through the streets. As productive as worker bees, each man is a vital player to the demands of commerce-- under the promise of a few rupees a day!

Click to watch slideshow  (Shot with a Canon 30D)


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