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" If you ever want to know about a place, get to know its people. "

My Work & Style:

If you've followed my Grrrl Traveler travel blog, my video art or my freelance video work at bluinkinteractive, you may be familiar with the various ways I shoot. I'm a conceptual artist, so my style changes with the medium and the environment.

Aside from traveling or shooting for reality shows, my passion is travel photography and photojournalism.

I appreciate storytelling through documentary, so I aim to shoot the truth in a direct, organic and unadulterated way. I love raw honesty and integrity in people and lifestyles, so you won't find my photographs diluted with overprocessing.  Aside from tweaks of sharpening and color correcting, I do little post-processing to my photographs.   Beauty, I find, is in a person's reality and to add anything upon it to romanticize (other than shooting it), feels somewhat wrong to me.

People fascinate me and are countries in themselves. They are often the subject of my photography: their lifestyles, families, jobs, psychology and culture.  I adore Asia, developing countries and I have a weird attraction to manual laborers (part of me suspects this has to do with the integrity I feel their work portrays).


Christine Ka'aloa  is an avid lover of art, dance and travel. She worked in the entertainment industry in New York City as a D.P., Camera Operator and Field Producer/Field Director for over seven years. Her most notorious client is MTV (My Super Sweet 16, Engaged & Underage, True Life, Little Talent Show). See the list of shows she's shot here or her IMDB.  Christine is also an actress and holds a background in the arts as an exhibiting artist, dancer and performer. She was recognized as one of the New Leonardos of the NY Digital Salon 2003 for her interactive video installation thesis, The Listening Pillow, and her video installations have been shown in festivals internationally.

She graduated from University of Southern California with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and holds an MFA in Computer Arts/Video & Interactivity at the School of Visual Arts.

Born and raised in Hawaii and being hapa (Native Hawaiian, Japanese, German & Chinese), her appreciation for cultural diversity began at home. She can navigate cuisine via chopsticks, poi fingers and traditional western silverware.  Christine has lived in Hawaii, Los Angeles, St.Louis, New York and Daegu, South Korea.

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