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Video consultant & shooter/field producer/field director

I am an experienced New York shooter/field producer of a handful of hit MTV docu-reality shows as well as, news and doc events for online news. My genius is that I develop unscripted story lines on-the-fly, coordinate with locations for release and direct cast talent to shoot the episode.   It's been my job to produce entire episodes, either alone or with another person like myself.

I believe good field producing is the ability to elicit good responses and sound bites through asking the right questions. I've worked with actors to untrained talent to sculpt a story, which is entertaining, informative and which has high stakes.

As a shooter, my style is documentary. As a one-man band, I travel light and this allows me to operate in tight and intimate spaces, so that talent can feel comfortable and less aware of a camera being around.

My clients include: MTV, BET, Food Network, SciFi Channel, Yahoo.  I do travel shows, documentaries, docu-reality and promotional videos.


If you've followed my blog or my video work at bluinkinteractive, you may be familiar with some of the different ways I shoot. Many of the photos on my blog aren't processed or manipulated aside of standard resizing, sharpening and an occasional color tweak. I like storytelling, capturing information and conveying the truth in a direct, organic and unadulterated way. Subjects I enjoy shooting are people & lifestyle, children, fashion & cultural events.

My photographs and articles have been published in Daegu Compass and Daegu Pockets magazines, as well as PADI online. Click here (or on the PRESS tab) to see my tear sheets.

Travel Writer

I will gladly do sponsored reviews of products, services and press tours. All articles will be written from sole opinion and all sponsored reviews will have a disclaimer stating such. Articles and videos will be posted through my social networks on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and YouTube.

Contact me at grrrltraveler~at~gmail.com or click on the Contact link and fill out the form.


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